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App & Grip SettingsUpdated 9 months ago


Fjorden Camera’s settings screen is accessible through the Settings icon in the Control Center. 

Fjorden Grip

If you just got a new Fjorden Grip, you can pair it with Fjorden Camera by tapping “Connect a new Grip” in the Settings screen. 

If your Grip is already connected, you will see the name of your grip instead. Tap on the name of your Grip to access Grip Settings. 

More about Grip Settings -> 

Embed  Location

When enabled, Fjorden Camera adds location information to the EXIF data of your captured photo. 

RAW Format

On devices that support ProRAW, you can choose weather you want Fjorden Camera to save your RAW photos in ProRAW or regular RAW format. 

ProRaw is recommended, as it retains a higher dynamic range and provides the highest image quality. 

Borth ProRAW and RAW capture DNG files. 

Default Mode

Set the Camera Mode you prefer to be active when opening Fjorden Camera. 

Enable Half-Press

When enabled tapping and holding the Shutter Button will lock focus and exposure. The photo will be captured when you release the Shutter Button. This makes the digital Shutter Button work more like the two-stage shutter button on the Fjorden Grip or a DSLR.

While Half-Press is enabled, you can also set Focus Peaking to temporary turn off while you hold the Shutter Button. This can be useful for getting a clear view of your shot for final framing adjustments before capturing a photo. 

Hide Focus Peaking

If Focus Peaking is turned ON from the Focus Controls, This feature can be active only when “Enable Half-Press” is also active. When turned ON, Focus Peaking highlights will be hidden while holding your finger on the Shutter Button. 

Alternate App Icons

If the original App Icon doesn’t fit your style, you can pick check out any of the other variations we designed. 

At the bottom of the Settings screen you’ll find links to:

as well as our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and list of Licences used by Fjorden Camera. 


When a Fjorden Grip is paired with Fjorden Camera, you can access the Grip’s Settings view either from grip icon in the Control Center, or from the App Settings screen.

How to pair the Fjorden Grip ->


Shows the current connection status of a paired Fjorden Grip. 

If the Grip is not connected, fully press the Shutter Button to connect. 


Shows the firmware version of the Fjorden Grip.

If there’s a new version available, a yellow dot will be displayed next to the version number as well as next to the Grip Icon in the Camera view. Tap the version number to access the update screen and then tap “Download & Update” to update to the latest version. 

Make sure the Fjorden Grip has at least 10% battery before updating. 

Battery Level

Shows an aproximate percentage of the charge level of the Grip’s battery. When the battery level falls bellow 25%, the grip icon in the Camera view and the battery percentage in Grip Settings will highlighted in red.

Function Button

Allows you to set what the Function Button toggles when pressed:

  • Toggle Grid - turns the current or last used Composition Grid on or off,
  • Toggle Flash - turns Flash on or off,
  • Flip Camera - toggles between the front facing camera and the current or last used main camera,
  • Toggle Focus Peaking - turns Focus Peaking on or off,
  • Toggle Raw Format - toggles between your default RAW image format and your default compressed image format.

Forget this Grip

If you want to unpair your Fjorden Grip, tap Forget this Grip and follow the instructions shown on the next screen:

  • Open the iOS Settings app
  • Go to Bluetooth 
  • Tap the "i" next to the Fjorden Grip
  • Tap "Forget This Device"

If you only tap "Forget this Grip" in Fjorden Camera, the Grip will stay connected to your iPhone, but won't be able to control camera settings unless re-paired. 

How to pair the Fjorden Grip ->

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