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Learn how to use the Fjorden Camera app.



Fjorden Camera is a free app for iOS that offers advanced, yet intuitive camera controls for fast, one-handed shooting. When paired with the Fjorden Grip, the app makes iPhone photography an even more natural and tactile experience. Just like the Fjo

Interface Layout

The app interface is designed to be functional, intuitive and ergonomic. All camera controls are comfortably reachable with your thumb, in both landscape and portrait. The Viewfinder is aligned to the top of your phone and is designed to offer a clea

Full-Auto Mode - Auto Focus, Auto-Exposure & Zoom

When speed is of the essence, set Fjorden Camera to Full-Auto and just focus on framing your perfect shot. Switch between Full-Manual and Full-Auto. By default, the camera will set focus and exposure automatically, prioritising objects closer to the

Full-Manual Mode - Exposure, White Balance & Focus

While it’s often a safe bet to use the app in Full-Auto and get a good shot, there are situation when you might want more control over your shot. That’s where Fjorden Camera shines!. Switch between Full-Manual and Full-Auto. Tap on each of the parame

Lock Screen Widget(s)

Learn how to launch Fjorden directly from your lock screen.

Tools & Quick Settings

The Fjorden Camera is equipped with multiple composition guides, flash settings, self-timer options and file formats accessible as a quick toggles next to the Capture Settings. Jump to:. We are working hard to release more useful tools and full custo

App & Grip Settings

Fjorden Camera’s settings screen is accessible through the Settings icon in the Control Center. If you just got a new Fjorden Grip, you can pair it with Fjorden Camera by tapping “Connect a new Grip” in the Settings screen. If your Grip is already co

Photo Gallery

Fjorden Camera’s Photo Gallery allows access to all photos in your iPhone Photo Library, including ones taken with other apps. To access the Photo Gallery tap the round image thumbnail from the Control Center. Tap on a photo to see it full screen. Ta

Feature Compatibility List

ProRAW. RAW. HEIF. iPhone 13 Pro Max. ✔️. ✔️. ✔️. iPhone 13 Pro. ✔️. ✔️. ✔️. iPhone 13. ✔️. ✔️. iPhone 13 Mini. ✔️. ✔️. iPhone 12 Pro Max. ✔️. ✔️. ✔️. iPhone 12 Pro. ✔️. ✔️. ✔️. iPhone 12. ✔️. ✔️. iPhone 12 Mini. ✔️. ✔️. iPhone SE 2nd Generation. ✔️.