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Learn how to use the Fjorden Grip and how to handle any issues.



1. Two-Stage Shutter Button. 2. Customisable Control Dial. 3. Multi-Function Button. 4. Zoom Lever. 5. Quick Release Button. 1. Status LED2. QR Code & Serial Number3. Mounting Mechanism. 1. Battery Tray.

How to pair the Fjorden Grip with your iPhone

If it's the first time using your Fjorden Grip please follow Quick Start Guide. 1. Reset your Fjorden Grip and remove it from your Bluetooth devices. 2. Restart the pairing process from above on the new device.

How to turn on the Fjorden Grip

If it's the first time using the Fjorden Grip, make sure to follow the Quick Start Guide for instruction on how to pair it with your iPhone. Once paired with your iPhone, the Fjorden Grip will stay on as long as the Fjorden Camera app is opened. The

How to use the Fjorden Grip

The Fjorden Grip is designed to work in tandem with Fjorden Camera  and the following instructions only work within the app. The Shutter Button also works in other camera apps, including the standard iOS Camera app. Half-press the Shutter Button to l

How to turn off the Fjorden Grip

There is no need to turn off the grip. It will turn itself off after 5 minutes of inactivity.

How to update the Fjorden Grip firmware

Firmware updates are rare, but they come with improvements on the Grip's responsiveness and functionality, so we highly recommend updating. When a new firmware version is available for your Fjorden Grip, a yellow dot will appear next to the grip icon

How to change the battery of the Fjorden Grip

To change the battery, simply pull out the battery tray from the bottom of the Grip and replace it with a new one. Then push the battery tray back until it sits flush with the bottom of Grip. The Fjorden Grip uses a standard CR2032 battery that shoul

How to reset the Fjorden Grip

1. Open the Grip Settings in the Fjorden Camera app by tapping the grip icon. 2.Tap on "Forget this Grip". 3. Follow the instructions on screen to remove the Grip from the iOS Bluetooth settings. After your Grip is unpaired you can restart the pairin