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Full-Auto Mode - Auto Focus, Auto-Exposure & ZoomUpdated 9 months ago

When speed is of the essence, set Fjorden Camera to Full-Auto and just focus on framing your perfect shot. 

Switch between Full-Manual and Full-Auto

Auto-Focus & Auto-Exposure

By default, the camera will set focus and exposure automatically, prioritising objects closer to the lens and the center of the Viewfinder. Tap anywhere on the Viewfinder to change the reference point for Auto-Focus & Auto-Exposure. 

If you want to use different points in your composition for Focus and Exposure, simply tap and drag the two indicators apart to your preferred position. 

Tap on the Auto-Focus indicator to lock the focus distance.

Tap on the Auto-Exposure indicator to lock the exposure values (Shutter Speed, ISO & White Balance)

To reset Focus and Exposure to their default, tap and hold either indicator.

EV - Exposure Compensation

You can adjust exposure compensation in 0.5 increments by either using the EV Slider or by rotating the Control Dial on the Fjorden Grip. 

Tap & Hold the EV label to reset Exposure Compensation to 0.0.

Exposure Compensation is basically a brightness control that overrides the camera’s Auto-Exposure measurements. Doing so might be useful or necessary in very bright or very contrasting environments. 

Because cameras measure the light reflected off subjects and are standardised on “middle gray” or “18% gray”, when pointed at a very light object they adjust exposure the opposite way, making the image too dark. The same applies the opposite way, when pointed at a dark subject. 

Lenses & Zoom

The pill-shaped control from the edge of the Viewfinder will reflect the lens system of your iPhone and display one, two or three numbered buttons. 

The current zoom level (or lens) is highlighted in yellow. Tap any of the other lenses to instantly switch to it. For more precise adjustments of the zoom level you can tap the highlighted lens to pull out the Zoom Slider. By using the Zoom Slider you can also zoom in past the focal length of your telephoto lens with Digital Zoom. 

When using a Fjorden Grip, you can either push and pull the physical Zoom Lever to adjust the zoom level or quickly flick the Lever to instantly switch between lenses. 


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