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How to update the Fjorden Grip firmwareUpdated 5 months ago

Firmware updates are rare, but they come with improvements on the Grip's responsiveness and functionality, so we highly recommend updating.

When a new firmware version is available for your Fjorden Grip, a yellow dot will appear next to the grip icon in the Fjorden Camera app when your Grip is connected. 

Updating the Firmware

The process is quick and simple:

1. Open the Fjorden Camera app on your iPhone and make sure your Fjorden Grip is connected.

2. Open the Grip Settings by tapping on the grip icon.

3. Go to Firmware 

4. In the Firmware view, tap on Install.

The update should only take a few moments. 

How to upgrade when using a 3rd party camera app

When you are using the Fjorden grip with a 3rd party camera app, you will have to install our app to update the firmware. However, you don't have to set up the grip in the Fjorden app. Tap on this link when your grip is connected.

This allows you to upgrade to the latest firmware. Afterwards, you can continue using your favorite 3rd party app with the grip.

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