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How to use the Fjorden GripUpdated 8 months ago

The Fjorden Grip is designed to work in tandem with Fjorden Camera  and the following instructions only work within the app. 

The Shutter Button also works in other camera apps, including the standard iOS Camera app.  


1. How to take a photo

Half-press the Shutter Button to lock focus on a subject.

Full-press the Shutter Button completely to capture a photo.

Change the position of the focus point by tapping anywhere on the Viewfinder.  

2. How to adjust Exposure 

Rotate the Control Dial left or right to adjust the value of a parameter. The currently selected parameter is indicated by the yellow dial.

Press the Control Dial to toggle between adjustable parameters (Exposure Compensation, Shutter Speed, ISO or White Balance)

3. How to zoom in & out

Pull the Zoom Lever slowly to the right to zoom in.
Push the Zoom Lever slowly to the left to zoom out.
Flick the Zoom Lever to quickly switch between your iPhone's lenses.

Press the Function Button to switch to the front facing camera.

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