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Interface LayoutUpdated 9 months ago

The app interface is designed to be functional, intuitive and ergonomic. All camera controls are comfortably reachable with your thumb, in both landscape and portrait.


The Viewfinder is aligned to the top of your phone and is designed to offer a clear preview of your next shot and intuitive control of Auto-Focus & Auto-Exposure. 

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Capture Settings

Next to the Viewfinder and within the reach of your thumb, you’ll find manual controls for Exposure Compensation, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance and Focus. 

When a Fjorden Grip is connected, you can also navigate and adjust Capture Settings with the Control Dial. The currently active parameter is indicated by a yellow dial icon. Rotate the Control Dial to adjust the parameter value. 

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Tools & Quick Settings 

The Quick Settings section hosts toggles for File Formats, Camera Modes and common assistive tools like Composition Grids and Self-Timer.

Main Navigation

The Capture or Shutter button sits at the bottom (or right) edge of the interface, closest to your hand. In line with the button you’ll find the app’s menu that gives you access to your Photo Gallery, App Settings and Fjorden Grip Settings.

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